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Daniel Masson

Self-taught composer, musician, producer, performer Daniel Masson aka Baul Dimension helped to popularize ethnic deep house chill electronic music with the extraordinary wide-reaching success of the Buddha Bar compilations.

Daniels early roots in 70s rock guitar seeded his diverse career from creating video games soundtracks, playing jazz music in Paris France, and composing electronic music for the restored version of Impossible Voyage the first silent movie by George Mèliés and a collaboration with Goran Bregovic on the Cannes Film Fest prize winning film Queen Margot.

Masson travels the globe to Bangladesh, Syria, Egypt, Morocco recording musicians, sounds and voices from many cultures and counties to weave together the music of place into adventurous and soothing electronic soundscapes.

In 2004 with help from the French Foreign ministry and musicians of the Baul tradition Masson traveled to Dhaka, Bangladesh to record Baul Dimension.

Since 2011 Daniel has live-mixed his collections of global sounds, music, voice, and instruments into improvised upbeat dance soundscapes and performed in Europe, United States and Mexico.

In the 2017 film documentary and album Walila, Masson travels to Fés Morocco to merge the ancient with the modern to create a cultural bridge between Western and Arab worlds.

2011: Masson produced a new soundtrack for a restored version of Impossible Voyage, a silent movie by G. Méliès.

2011 to Present: Masson has live-mixed his collections of global sounds, music, voice, and instruments into improvised upbeat dance soundscapes and performed in Europe, United States and Mexico.

2017: In the film documentary and album Walila, Masson traveled to Morocco for the Sacred Music Festival of Fes to merge the ancient with the modern and work to create a cultural bridge between Western and Arab worlds.

2018: Masson released Trajectories, a 3-volume series, inspired by his live-mix experience and featuring sounds from his expansive library.



* 2020: Pacific Dimension (Daniel Masson)
* 2019: Pensées évaporées (Daniel Masson)
* 2018: Trajectories EP Series Vol.1,2,3 (Daniel Masson)
* 2016 : Walila EP (Daniel Masson)
* 2015 : Jetlag « 2015 Edition » (Daniel Masson)
* 2015 : Ten Particules (Daniel Masson)
* 2013 : A Tiny Kick in the Brain (Daniel Masson)
* 2011 : Frequencies (Daniel Masson)
* 2009 : Adventures (Daniel Masson)
* 2008 : Buddha Bar Travel Impreesions
(Georges V Records)
* 2008 : Trempolino EP (Daniel Masson)
* 2006 : Bingo EP (Daniel Masson)
* 2004 : Baul Dimension (Daniel Masson)

Music For Films

2011: Impossible Voyage of Georges Méliès / Lobster Films
1994 : Queen Margot /Patrice Chéreau
1986 : Têtes creuses (Mac Guff Ligne)
1995 : Mariol Daniel /Kapelian ( Exnihilo

Vidéo Game Soundtracks

2003 : Rayman 3 (UbiSoft Entertainment)
2001 : Bugmonsters (Montparnasse Multimedia France)
2001 : Sethi et le Sorcier Inca (Montparnasse Multimedia France)
2001 : Tristan et le Mystère du Dragon (Montparnasse Multimedia France)
2000 : Donald PK / Ps2 Game Cube (Disney Interactive USA / UbiSoft Entertainment)
2000 : Start Up (Montecristo France)
2000 : Les Mouzz (Emme Interactive France)
1999 : Rayman 2 Nintendo (UbiSoft Entertainment)
1998 : Kitchenette (Le Lab France)
1998 : Les 3 Petits Cochons ( Dramaera France)
1998 : Monaco Grand Prix (UbiSoft Entertainment)
1998 : Rayman Eveil (UbiSoft Entertainment)
1998 : Rayman Dictée (UbiSoft Entertainment)
1998 : Tim7 (UbiSoft Entertainment)
1997 : F1 Racing Simulation (UbiSoft Entertainment)
1997 : Les 9 Destins de Valdo (UbiSoft Entertainment)
1997 : Pod-Planet of Death (UbiSoft Entertainment)
1993 : Genesia (Microids)

Pacific Islands Collection

2002 : Bora Bora (Océania Records/ Pony Canyon INC.Japan)
2002 : Tonga (Océania Records/ Pony Canyon INC.Japan)
2002 : Tahiti (Océania Records/ Pony Canyon INC.Japan)
2002 : Vanuatu (Océania Records/ Pony Canyon INC.Japan)
2002 : Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée (Océania Records/ Pony Canyon INC.Japan)
2002 : Loyalty Islands (Océania Records/ Pony Canyon INC.Japan)
2002 : Hawaii (Océania Records/ Pony Canyon INc.Japan)
2002 : Les Marquises (Océania Records/ Pony Canyon INC.Japan)
2002 : The Solomon Islands (Océania Records/ Pony Canyon INC.Japan)


Buddha Bar Compilation

2019 : Buddha Bar Greatest Hits (George V Records)
2018 : Buddha Bar Meets French Kitchen & Friends (George V Records)
2016 : Buddha Bar Ultimate Expérience (George V Records)
2011 : A Night @ Buddha-Bar Hotel (George V Records)
2009 : Universal Sound Of Buddha Bar Vol.3 (George V Records)
2008 : Buddha Bar Océan (George V Records)
2008 : Buddha Bar Book (George V Records)
2006 : Buddha Bar Ten Years (George V Records)
2004 : Buddha Bar VI (George V Records)
2003 : Siddharta Spirit Of Buddha Bar vol.2 (George V Records)
2001 : Little Buddha Café (George V Records)

Various Labels Compilations


2020 : Oriental Soul (Cafe De Anatolia)
2019 : Oriental Trip Vol.3 (Cafe De Anatolia)
2009 : Café Buddha Box Set- Classic Buddha (Park Lane Recordings)
2008 : Tea House 2 (High Note Records)
2007 : Hotel Buddha (Crazy Diamond Recording)
2006 : Hangzhou China (High Note Records)
2006 : Purobeach Vol.2 (Seamless)
2006 : Week-End In Ibiza (Water Music Records)
2006 : Lounge Cafe DeLuxe (Park Lane Recordings)
2005 : Dâ-Nang (Quango Music Group)
2005 : Taipei Lounge 2 (High Note Records)
2005 : Café Solaire (Soulstar)
2005 : Café Nirvana (Park Lane Recordings)
2004 : Cassagrande Ethnica Vol 3 (Métropole Records)
2004 : Jogoya (High Note Records)
2004 : The Sound Of Milano Fashion 3 ( Cool D vision)
2004 : Travel Electro (Atoll Music)
2004 : Buddha-Bar. Часть 3-4 (Навигатор)
2003 : Varius Artists Leafage Music (Pony Canyon INC. Japan)
2003 : Wenk (Universal Music)
2003 : Together Barra Mundi 4 (Pchent)
2003 : World Habitat (Habitat)
2003 : Voyage Océanie (Naïve)
2003 : Couleurs Pacifique (Vox Terrae)
2003 : Moana Lounge (Intercontinental Beachcomber Resorts)
2003 : Sunny Days (MCD World Music)
2003 : Lazy Afternoons (MCD World Music)
2003 : Cool Nights (MCD World Music)
2003 : Undiscovered World 2 (V2)
2002 : The Karma Collection «  Sunrise » (Ministry of Sound)
2002 : Nights In French Satin Vol.2 (High Note Records)
2002 : Chilled Grooves (Water Music Records)
2002 : Cargo High-Tech (Energy Production Srl)
2002 : Oceanic Fringe (Times Music)
2002 : Paradise (Adequat Music)
2002 : Café del Sol vol.3 ((Water Music Records)
2002 : Café Ibiza (Water Music Records)
2002 : Pacific Hotel (Oceania Records)
2002 : Casssagrande Ethnica (Métropole Records)
2002 : In Bloom II A Collection of World Music Produced in France (Bureau Export)
2001 : French Music Popkomm 2001 Koln (Bureau Export De La Musique Française)
2000 : Paradisiac ( Universal Music)
2000 : In Bloom A Collection of French Electronica (Bureau Export)

2003 : Electromana-Fashion For Developpement (Pony Canyon INC. Japan)
2001 : Electromana-Jetlag (Georges V Records)

With Others

2006 : Atlantean (Atlantis Recordings)
1993: Sara Mandiano (WEA Music)
1988: Philippe Russo (EMI France)
1987: Jungle Boys (EMI France)


2004 : Angelic Voices // B-Tribe on Buddha Bar vol 6 (Georges V Records)
2003 : Breeze // Ratnabali on Siddharta vol 2 (Georges V Records)

TV and Commercials

Elastok / / French TV La 5
Air France
Darphin Cosmetics
Choppard Watches
Roger & Galler Cosmetics
Graal Joailler


BNF – Bibliothéque Nationale de France


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27Oct2018 Windsor, UK Old Court Center
09Sep2017 Geneva, Switzerland Yoga Music Festival
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12Mar2017 Tulum, Mexico Coco Beach
09Mar2017 Tulum, Mexico Art Center
27Aug2016 London, UK Troubadour
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11May2016 Fès, Morocco Sahrai
10May2016 Fès, Morocco Sacred Music Festival of Fès
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21Jan2012 San Francisco, USA Yoga Tree Castro Studio
20Oct2011 Seoul, South Korea Globe Lounge Itaewon
13Oct2011 Seoul, South Korea Globe Lounge Itaewon
08Oct2011 Busan, South Korea Busan Internationnal Film Festival
10May2011 Seoul, South Korea Seoul Old Railway Station Cultural Center
28Avr2006 Bremen,Germany Freaks, Friends and Players Fest