Travel Impressions

« Buddha Bar Travel Impressions »  2008 George V Records, 11 tracks.

Daniel Masson has composed and produced the music for the 11 video clips directed by Fred Spillman.
DM has travelled to Syria Bangladesh and Egypt for recording samples of singers and musicians.

Voices:  Mazaher
Tibetan Bowls:  Philippe Dib
Arghoul: Amin Ibrahim Aly

Lead voice: Mayada Bselis
Additional voice:  Rena Derkhorenian
Daf: Abud Shamon
Tambur: Mehmûd Berazi
Bouzouk: Mahmoud Kualdi

Morning Fall
Voices:  Mazaher
Daf: Abud Shamon
Duduk:  Ara Tengerian

Strange Lift
Voice: Hany Adel
M’rababa: Hassan Hamidou

Yupla Toa
Voice: Rita
Violin: Sonil

Bound and Patavo
Voice: Sayed Imam
Additional voice: Mizgin Tahir
Daf: Abud Shamon
Tambur: Mehmud Berazi
Violin:  Hassan Hamidou

Martian Show
Voice: Bari Siddiqui
Oud: Ahmed Omran

Funky Sham
Voice: Rita
Bouzouk:  Mahmoud Kualdi
Daf: Abud Shamon
Flute: Bari Siddiqui

Take your Time
Voice:  Rena Derkhorenian
Additional Voice:  Mayada Bselis
Canun: Philippe Dib
Oud:  Ahmed Omran

Ghosts Dance
Voice:  Bari Siddiqui
Santur: Norul Haque

Nile Bowling
Voices: People of Cairo


Daniel Masson: programming, guitars and bass.

All tracks produced, composed and mixed by Daniel Masson.

Samples recorded at Studio Maestro (Aleppo, Syria), Tone Tune (Dahka, Bangladesh), Makan (Cairo, Egypt).

Produced and mastered at Jungle Line for Geoge V Records.

Thanks for Help, Inspiration and Support:

Aurélie Chêne, Leyla Tambe, Samir Kwefati, Christophe Steyer, Benjamin Dubois, Sabine Achkan, Philippe Dib, Lionel Paillet , Nicolas Poulain, Pascale and Julien Masson, my Myspace Friends.