A Tiny Kick In The Brain

“Two keywords could define ‘A Tiny Kick in the Brain’, optimism and simplicity. I’m realizing day after day the importance of these words in our current life.
Simplicity is about making life easier as optimism drives it – and sometimes we need a tiny kick in the brain to stimulate action.
I have tried to create some fresh sounds to act as a stimulus. The beats and grooves offer optimism while chords and melodies portray simplicity.
My inspiration was fueled by my visit to San Francisco and my last experiences of performing in California, South Korea and Switzerland.The new score I composed for G. Mélies Impossible Voyage was also an inspiring step.
All these experiences gave me a different approach and new directions in fusing musical genres.
Reminiscent ethnic sounds shade the soundscapes as well as guitars and bass parts I played.
Many great artists contributed to this project such as the American pedal steel guitar legend, Bobby Black, and the great pop singer, Kally aka Hyung Yoon Jang, from South Korea.
A unique diversion for me was singing vocals on “Les Souvenirs”, which brings the album a bit more versatility.‘A Tiny Kick in the Brain’ is a new milestone in my musical career following the tiny kick I have in my brain.”

Singers and Musicians Samples:
Bobby Black, Hyung Yoon Jang aka Kally, Anita Sy, Ahmed Omran, Sayed Iman, Mayada Bselis, Hassan Hamidou, Mizgin Tahir, Rena Derkhorenian, Bari Siddiqui, Sarika Dagar.

Daniel Masson: programming, guitars, Fender bass and voices.

Cover artwork: Fred Spillmann

Thanks for help, inspiration and support:
Jonathan Rickert, Kendra Lee, Sebastian Alvarez, Reed Rickert, Mary Spicer, Stephen Wilson, all my Friends in the Bay Area, Christophe Soullier, François Vidal, Izis, Gordon Purvis, Nicolas Poulain, Daniel Kapelian, Pascale et Julien Masson.

All tracks produced, composed and mixed by Daniel Masson.

(P) (C) 2013 Daniel Masson