Ten Particles

The world has changed and I’ve changed too.
I felt the need of making something different and to express different sides of myself.
“Ten Particles” is a blend of my musical tastes and experiences: electro, jazz, world-fusion and vibes from the sixties.
I played many acoustic and electric guitars parts which take a bigger place in the musical arrangement.
I like mesmerizing soundscapes, simple patterns and melodies, minimalist lyrics propelling a basic idea and working as a hook in the music.
I like creating space for listener’s imagination.
The French language has a soft sound and blending qualities in the mix so I put my voice samples on 6 tunes.
I also renew with an “old school” production manner by using analog hardware synths and boxes.
My inspiration was fueled by my current life and the reflexions.
I’m living in the deep French country side and that’s a good place to take some distance from this crazy world and think about it and more generally about life.
I don’t intend to deliver any message but offer my audience a good music experience and share my perception by launching into air these Ten Particles.

About emotional connections between human beings.
All of us are transmitters and receivers in our eyes and our hearts..

Terres Sauvages
Everybody is able to take a journey with the clouds!!
It’s inspiring and easy. The clouds are bringing you far away towards the Wild Lands.
Immediate embarkation.

Icarus Ballad
The tragedy of humanity: trying to reach the light of happiness with the wings of consumerism.

Hope you are doing fine

Slow Awakening
A peaceful return to the Real World after a journey in Dreamland.

Chameleon Time
Time is unstable and changing its skin continuously affects our behavior and our mind in a continuous necessity to adapt.

I See You
Sometimes you can have the chance to discover people as they really are for their best or their worst.
As well you get some opportunities in your life where you are really able to know and see who you really are.

The current life of most of us is made of days that go away, that evaporate.
We are living an illusion.

Cosmic Party
Our mind waves are flying away into the Cosmos, leaving the terrestrial attraction.

Drops on Window
Our lives are like drops on window in a common destiny to disappear…
Daniel Masson: programming; bass, guitars, voices.

Singers and Musicians samples:
Bari Siddiqui: voice on Icarus Ballad and flute on Hope,
Abud Shamon: percussion on Cosmic Party,
Philippe Dib: pentam on Drops on Window,
Rena Derkhorenian: voice on Icarus Ballad,
Karunakaran TK: voice on Cosmic Party,
Norul Haque: santur on Icarus Ballad,
Rita: voice on Cosmic Party,
Hyung Yoon Jang aka Kally: voice on Cosmic Party.